The Internationals Instructional Model

The Internationals Instructional Model

A member of the Internationals Network for Public Schools, our school implements the International Approach to English Language Development. There are five core principles that form the basis for this approach:

  • Heterogeneity and collaboration : Heterogeneous and collaborative structures that build on the strengths of every individual member of the school community optimize learning. In our classrooms you will see students working in groups, using English and their native languages to help one another to master complex concepts.
  • Experiential learning : Expansion of the school beyond its four walls motivates adolescents and enhances their capacity to successfully participate in modern society. Our students engage project-based activities and topics in the classroom that are current and culturally relevant. In addition we extend learning beyond the classroom, through trips and our multiple community partnerships and programs.
  • Language and content integration : Language skills are most effectively learned in context and emerge most naturally in purposeful, language-rich, experiential, interdisciplinary study. Students in our school are learning academic English in every content class.
  • Localized autonomy and responsibility: Linking autonomy and responsibility at every level within a learning community allows all members to contribute to their fullest potential. The school is organized into teacher teams so that, teachers know their students and their families well and are able understand and meet their needs.
  • One learning model for all : Exposing all learners—faculty and students—to the same learning model maximizes their ability to support each other.

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