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Our Advisory Program​​

Advisory Program

Every student at the International HS @ Prospect Heights is a member of an advisory group that with few exceptions will remain together over the 4 years of high school. The purpose of the advisory program is to develop students’ commitment to active and informed citizenship, foster a sense of community within the school, enable students to make meaningful connections with peers and at least one adult, and help students learn academic and life skills that will contribute to their success.  Advisory meets twice a week and each grade has a focus. Ninth grade advisories focus on integration, conflict resolution, and community building, while tenth grade advisories focus on health and relationships. In 11th grade, there is a strong college preparation component where students visit colleges and prepare for the college application process.  The 12th grade advisory focuses on career development, internships, and transitioning to college.


Citizenship - Students will:

Community - Students will:

Connectedness - Students will:

Academic and Life Skills - Students will: